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« Natural is closer than we think »


Accessibility : offer unisex skin care products at fair prices.
Quality : select high quality botanical ingredients from eco-friendly sources.
Proximity : engage with our customers to demonstrate the benefits to the skin and to the environment, with respect to making informed choices with cosmetics.


Offer a full product line of natural cosmetics.
Encourage people to use more economical, natural and environmentally friendly products.
Become a reference point in the world of natural and trendy cosmetics.



Passionate, curious and determined, Florence always has a thousand projects on the go. As a perfectionist, she will always seek the perfect cream! Her modus operandi: always satisfy the customer and provide them with the most for their money. Florence is self-taught and thirsty for knowledge. She intends to continue to train in several domains... until the end of her days!


Fall 2014 - Florence travels to Chile with nothing but a backpack. In November, towards the end of her journey, she meets Daniella, her couch surfing host who is also a soap maker. Florence had already planned to create Christmas baskets with handmade products for the holidays that were just around the corner. She asks for Daniella's expertise and starts learning from a few books. She creates 100% olive oil & lavender soaps for her Christmas baskets. This is just the beginning of Savonnerie 2 ....

Spring 2015 - Her family and friends keep asking her for more soaps, but she does not have the time to do it. Following a cascade of events, Florence finally finds herself with free time and decides to make more soaps. She acquires more knowledge, carefully selects her ingredients, builds her soap molds, and really enjoys creating these 2'' x 2'' craft products. Following many rave reviews and words of encouragement, she decides to start a business and starts selling her products officially in October 2015. This type of product fits perfectly with her values: environmently-friendly, produced and purchased locally, responsably grown plant-based ingredients, in addition to providing people with healthy products for their bodies. ​

January 2016, Florence decides launch herself full time into the adventure of entrepreneurship, but she is very particular in how she does it The promise of DEUX crystallizes slowly: Florence wants to offer high quality unisex products at fair prices, with sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients. She creates a charter of values that will guide her for the next few years. The following months are focused on how to translate everything ...

April 2016 - The official branding is launched, the tradeshow is book and Savonnerie 2, DEUX Cosmetics as we know it, is now launched!

Summer/Fall 2016 - Florence is present at several markets and proudly sees her brand radiate more and more. Serums, which were previously unknown, are more and more in demand. Comments from customers or bloggers are always touching. Thanks to Jane, who helped meet demand during the high season, DEUX is celebrating its first birthday at Bref Mtl. The event is a huge success. DEUX's loyal clientele attend Christmas fairs and give appreciative testimonials that put tears in Florence's eyes ....

Following a rather (too) busy holiday season, organizational changes are inevitable. In January 2017, Savonnerie 2 becomes DEUX Cosmétiques Inc.. Myriam joins the team for the year before returning to school. Together, Florence and Myriam will further the company's growth, creating a more functional eCommerce website and providing daily customer service.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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