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Welcome in DEUX Cosmétiques univers

Natural cosmetics, but more than that : well though, honest, made with organic and fair trade plant-based ingredients, with an ethical way of making things. Values build around the planet and the human.

It is always a pleasure to add new partners to DEUX Cosmétiques, you are our # 1 ambassadors and our point of contact with customers, we are honored to be able to collaborate with beautiful companies.

We are always happy to collaborate with you at the promotion of your brand and our brand within your company. That's why we love to share your images and messages via our different communication channels.

Communication boutique
When you are a partner with DEUX Cosmétiques, we add you email to the mailing list for boutique. We send our news and important information about our brand via this list. Our partners can also access to a vip webpage with informations and picture of the brand. For all the communications we ask you to communicate to, we try to answer you 2 open days

Our conditions
- It is possible to have a part of our collection, only a few items or the entire collection. We can guide you to our best sellers and help you in the choice according to your customers profile.
- Only 200 $ minimum purchase
- Shipping partially paid by us
- Tester given for free (with minimum purchase of units.)
- We autorize resell for registered businesses only

In the case of a very large number of items or custom orders, the deadlines have been confirmed by DEUX Cosmétiques, if not, deliveries are fast and at your boutique in less than a week.
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