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Customer service hours of operation
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What are the delivery times?
When we receive the order, we process the request within 5 to 7 working days. Then the package is sent by Canada Post. Typically, delays in Quebec are two (2) business days and five (5) business days in Canada.

If your order includes a moisturizer, it must be prepared. We therefore have a 14-day order processing policy (2 weeks). It is then sent by post.

If you asked for a delivery to a drop-off point, we will notify you when we deliver your package. Deliveries are scheduled according to the dates you will find on our page delivery*

These dates are subject to change if the weather does not allow us to move to Montreal.

*When ordering at a drop-off point, you have two (2) weeks to take possession of your parcel, otherwise it will be sent by post, at your expense.

As we are only two people behind this business and we also handle orders by mail ourselves, we are aware that our delays are a little longer than those of the big companies, but we assure you that each package is prepared with love ;)

You will find all the details concerning our delivery policy on the page delivery.*
What are your delivery terms?
We have many options for delivery.
  • By mail. Your order is delivered within 5 to 7 working days via Canada Post. Typically, delivery time in Quebec is two (2) business days and five (5) business days elsewhere in Canada. Shipping costs are charged directly upon purchase.
  • Quick delivery. Want to receive your order faster? Contact us at (438) 868-5527 or by email at : The shipping costs will be billed to you.
  • Pick-up points: Hochelaga, Villeray or Rosemont.
  • At one of our markets, whenever possible.
  • Directly at our workshop, by appointment only.

  • Visit the page Delivery | Pick-up Points for more details.
    Where do your ingredients come from?
    All of the ingredients used in our products are natural and mostly plant-based (we do have some minerals and some products that contain beeswax or honey).
    Oils, butters and ingredients are carefully selected from suppliers we trust. Each ingredient is chosen based on its particular benefit to the skin or hair. We also try to find the best price, in order to offer you the best price as well.
    We make sure that all of our ingredients come from responsible, equitable and pesticide-free agriculture; that's our promise to you.
    Given the astronomical costs associated with organic certification, we do not expect to have our products certified in the near future.
    Are your ingredients local?
    Although we would love to be able to use only local products, some ingredients we use such as coconut oil, olive oil, neem oil, etc., unfortunately cannot be local, considering that these plants do not grow in our climate.
    Instead, we decided to focus on the responsible sourcing of our ingredients.
    On the other hand, it is very important for us to collaborate with other local creators for one-off projects.
    Do you make custom products?
    Of course! Do you have a project in mind for us?
    Do you want to enhance the image of your gym, hotel, massage parlor, spa, restaurant, etc.? It would be our pleasure to work with you!
    Do you want to offer our products as a gift for a shower event, bachelor party, wedding, holiday party, etc.? Give us a call!
    We can meet with you to understand your needs and budget in order to see what we can do for you.
    It takes at least eight (8) weeks between making first contact and delivering the products to you. When it comes to soaps, saponification requires a cure time ranging from five (5) weeks to nine (9) months. We take this into consideration when creating custom soaps.
    Where are you located?
    Right here!
    We do not have a physical store and currently, we do not expect to have one. We carry out our sales through our website and at craft fairs and markets. Come see us at one of these events, it will be a pleasure to talk to you! :)
    We have a growing number of resellers. Generally, they only sell part of our collection and not all of it so you should call a reseller before visiting.

    Here is a list of our resellers: Our points of sale
    What do your prices reflect?
    Our mission and our promise is to offer quality products at the best possible price. It is very important to us that as many people possible use products that are healthy and environmentally-friendly. That's why we work very hard to keep our prices low.
    In order to be transparent about the costs included in the prices of our products, we have decided to describe our price calculation process:
    The calculation of our prices is based on the ingredients we use. All the ingredients used are natural and we make sure they come from suppliers who have a responsible agriculture policy, which is naturally a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, we stick to it.
    Also, in this calculation, we include the shipping costs of our suppliers as well as the different containers or packaging. We want our containers to be reusable and glass. *
    *Did you know that you can bring your own containers to us during a market and we will give you a credit of the value of it? It is important for us to give a second life to these containers!
    Our prices also cover transaction costs such as our website's sales processing fees, accounting, handling fees, salary, store deposit fees, etc.
    Finally, profits are reinvested in the development of new products and purchase of new equipment.
    We are always looking to offer you a quality product based on your skin type and we also seek to keep your wallet intact. We work very hard on our pricing model in order to always offer you a fair price, but also a price that allows us to grow our company.
    Can I know your suppliers?
    If you would like to know more about our suppliers or if you would like more information on a particular ingredient used, do not hesitate to contact us directly.
    Are your products made in Canada?
    From development to delivery, all of our products are created by Florence in her Quebec workshop. This includes label design, packaging and of course, manufacturing.
    Can I know your exact recipes?
    Since this is what we do for a living, recipes are our secret.
    We understand if you want to know the ingredients of the products you use on your skin, which is why all of our products have their ingredients listed in INCI format (INCI is the nomenclature in cosmetics). You can translate these ingredients easily using a search engine. The ingredients are listed in descending order based on quantity.
    I have a question about a particular product
    Contact us and we will be happy to give you more details.
    We usually respond within 48 hours of receiving a message.
    I noticed "sodium" and "alcohol" on your labels. What does that mean?
    On soap labels, you will always see the word SODIUM OLIVATE (or sodium something else). This is actually the INCI name of the saponified oil. Once the oil reacts with the caustic soda solution used to make soap, the oil is transformed into a new material, its molecular chain changes and its chemical name too; it is now a cleansing material a little more basic (PH about 8.5) - a "salt" oil.
    There is alcohol in some of our ingredients. It is natural or organic aromatic essences or extracts. The distillation of the plant is done with alcohol (organic) and there can remain about f 1% to 10% of alcohol in the ingredient used. Equivalent to very little in the finished product, the aromatic essence is about 2% to 5% of the finished product.Finally, the emulsifying wax that we use to bind in the aqueous phase and the oily phase of our moisturizing creams contains a small amount of alcohol. This wax certified by Ecocert contains 3 ingredients: Glyceryl Stearate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate. The alcohol is present at about 20% in the formulation of this wax. In finished products, it is more like 3 to 10%.
    How to do the interior-elbow reaction test?
    24h to 48h before applying the product, conduct a test on the interior crease of your elbow to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction.
    In case of a reaction, contact us.
    Our mission is to provide quality products at low prices. If one of our products cannot be used, it is important for us to find an alternative!
    My package is damaged ...
    Contact us and we will replace any damaged items for free.
    We require a photo of the damaged items.
    You must send us this request within 7 days of receipt of the damaged package.
    Any request made after this period will not be taken into account

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