DEUX Cosmétiques Loyalty Program

Earn points on every purchase. Redeem them for discounts.

Create an account to start earning points. Already have an account? You are automatically enrolled in the program.

How to earn points?


Earn 1 point for every dollar spent in our store.

Create an Account

Earn 200 points for creating an account.

Refer a Customer

Earn 150 points after they place their first order. Your referred customer earns 50 points.

Share & Like us on Facebook

Earn 150 points for sharing a product on Facebook and 50 points for liking our page.

How does it work?

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend in our store. Redeem your points for store-wide discounts.

250 points = $5 discount
500 points = $10 discount
1000 points = $25 discountdiscount

You must have at least 250 points in order to redeem them

FAQ on The Loyalty Program

Who can register?
You are automatically registered when you create an account on If you already have an account, you will automatically be enrolled in the loyalty program. Reseller customers are not eligible.
Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?
No. You can earn as many as you can!
How can I redeem my points?
Your points can be redeemed for discounts directly in the cart. Simply click the Redeem Points button. Keep in mind that you'll need a minimum of 250 points to be able to redeem them.
Can my unused points expire?
Unused points do not expire.
Can I earn retroactive points for past purchases?
Points are eligible only for orders placed after the program has officially launched.
Can I leave the program?
If you no longer wish to participate in the Loyalty Program, please contact us to ask us to unenroll. Once unenrolled, you will lose all the points you have accumulated.
How can I see the total of my points earned?
To see your total points earned, refer to the My Rewards section of your account.
How can I refer someone?
Visit the My Rewards section of your account. From there you will be able to generate a unique referral link that you can share. In order to earn referral points, the referee must place an order within 30 days.
Why haven't I received my referral points?
If you haven't received your referral points, the customer you referred may not have placed a completed order yet. Also, in order to receive referral points, the referred person must place an order using the same browser and device on which they clicked the link.
How can I earn points for sharing on Facebook?
In order to earn points for sharing, you must share one of our products on Facebook. The blue FB Share button can be found on each product's page. You cannot earn points for sharing more than once.
How can I earn points for liking your page on Facebook?
Visit the product page of your choice and click the blue FB Like button. If you remove your like, you cannot earn extra points for liking the page a second time.
Can I use a promo code and redeem points in the same order?
No, you cannot redeem two discounts in the same order.
Why haven't I earned points on my order?
You will not receive your points until the order has been marked as complete. You also cannot earn points on an order when you redeem your points.