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DEUX Cosmétiques pursues its mission of offering a range of environmentally responsible products by offering you filo cleaning products & handmade soywax candles.

Most household products contain 95% water. It is therefore large and heavy volumes of cleaning products wrapped in plastic that move from the factory, to the store, to your home and quite unfortunately, often to the oceans … By having your reusable cleaning bottle and your cleaning packets, your production consumes 1000 times less energy.

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  • produit ménager zéro déchetproduit ménager zéro déchet citron menthe
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  • produit ménager zéro déchet pamplemousse mangueproduit ménager zéro déchet pastille
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  • produit ménager zéro déchetproduit ménager zéro déchet filo
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  • bouteille pour produits ménagers

    Rupture de stock

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  • Chandelle vegan 120 ml Agrume & Sauge
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  • chandelle 260 ml odeur sublime - Souvenir de voyage

    Travel Memories Candle

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  • Sweet fig & ginger Candle

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  • nettoyant vitre et miroir
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