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Matcha & Coffee Eye Contour Balm


This Eye Contour Balm is composed of oils and ingredients carefully selected for their circulation-boosting and draining properties, making this balm an ally for sleepy mornings.

Asides from being delicious, matcha is very versatile and can adapt to all skin types. Rich in polyphenols, matcha creates a protective barrier against free radicals which are largely responsible for the premature aging of the skin. Its draining action promotes better circulation while helping to diminish the appearance of bags under the eyes.

The coffee in this recipe has macerated in rice bran oil — a dry oil rich in vitamin E. Coffee is known in cosmetics for enhancing circulation, revitalizing the skin, draining, toning and much, much more. We’ve added coffee in this eye contour balm for its natural “anti-dark circles” properties.

Made of organic and fair trade ingredients.

10 ml | 100% Vegan | Not tested on animals.

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